Why Choose Nila Jorden-Rosslow

As a mother of three and grandmother of three, with roots and ties in the Spokane area, I am glad to call the Inland Northwest my home. With skiing, four wheeling and boating which I enjoy, I take pride in the land and people in our community. I have also in the last 3-4 years been riding Harley's, and this year have taken up riding my own, which by the way, my kids say I'm in my "mid-life crisis"! To me there is just nothing like it, the scenery and everything you see on a bike is unbelieveable! You miss so much in a vehicle! I also got married this last year, after being single for over 10 years. And that in itself is quite the challenge in my old age!!

Professional Approach to Business

Real Estate License since 1996. I have earned my Accredited Buyer Representative Designation (ABR), which is representing a buyers needs in all Real Estate transactions. I also earned my Quality Service Certificate in the Fall of 2003.

Customer Service

The majority of my business comes from repeat customers and referrals, which tells my new customers that my service is excellent. The way I feel about buying a home is that besides getting married, buying a home is the most important and stressful decision you make in your life, so I think it's very critical for me to try and make it a wonderful and fun experience for you! I believe that life is too short to not have a good attitude and try your very best to make people happy and feel comfortable. So call or e-mail me with your Real Estate needs and I will put my knowledge and skills to work for you! I really truly enjoy what I do and love showing and looking at homes. I'm really into decorating, so all of the ideas and cool things I see in homes is so much fun to try and remember how someone did something! Of course I usually forget, but it's still fun!