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corbin park

Corbin Park was originally the site of the Washington and Idaho Fairgrounds circa 1887-1897. After D. C. Corbin foreclosed on the Fair Association, he developed the site to build turn-of-the-century residences. The center 11.5 acre parcel evolved into a charming oval-shaped tree-lined park (reminiscent of the prior racing track shape) surrounded by a lovely collection of architecturally unique homes which faced onto the park.

The Corbin Park Historic District was the first local residential historic district in Spokane and is the only residential district on all three district register levels -- local, state, and national. As a result of the designations, the local district boasts its own set of published design guidelines based upon the guidelines from the Secretary of the Interior for historic properties. In addition to its unique sense of place, Corbin Park offers a small cohesive yet diverse society of old-fashioned neighborliness.


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